Text Your Customers

With our platform you can send your customers both text messages and email.

Top Review Providers

Get more reviews on Google and other top providers to increase your online reputation and grow your business.

Get More Reviews For Your Business

Endorsebot takes the effort out of getting online reviews for your business with Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

Not only can you get reviews for the top providers online, you can also get reviews right on your own website or blog and display them on any page you want.

Google Review

Gather and Store Your Own Reviews

It's important to get reviews up on Google, Yelp, and other top websites that will boost your reputation and traffic to your website.

There's also good reason to gather your own reviews as well, and you can do that with Endorsebot.

With Endorsebot you can integrate a review gathering form right in your website or blog. You can also show your reviews on your website with our feed integration tool.

Endorsebot Review Portal

Endorsebot Can Send Both Text and Email

Most of your customer are on their phones these days, so being able to reach them with a text message is a great way to ensure you get a reponse.

Of course you also a have the option of sending your requests through email as well. Some customers are just a better fit for email and respond better to it. In either case, Endorsebot makes it easy for you to get reviews without having to send out texts or emails to each customer individually.

Can can send one message to several customers all at once saving you time and effort.

Email and Text

Multiple Location Support

Endorsebot is designed to work for any size business, whether you're a small Mom & Pop or a National Brand with locations all accross the nation.

You can manage every single location from within the software. You can switch to any location at any time to send review requests and to see what's going on with that location at any time.

Endorsebot Locations Module

Unlimited Users

If you need to delegate the work of managing reviews, you can add as many users to the system as you need. There's no limit to the number of users you can put in the system.

Each user can be granted access to locations on an individual basis. This is great if you have a franchise business and only want a staff members to only have access to the location they work for.

Users also have some control over their own accounts like uploading profile images, changing personal info, and passwords.

Of course you have total control over each user account in the system.


Your Own Review Feed

It's necessary to have as many reviews with Google and other popular review providers as you can. It's also useful to have the ability to gather your own reviews and share however you want to.

Having your own reviews and method of gathering them increases your chances of getting more reviews in the first place. Having your feed embedded directly in your website can also help with your website's SEO.

Endorsebot Review Feed

URL Shortening Tool

Quite often including links in text messages and emails can render those links unreadable, or even trigger spam filters. This usually happens with longer urls, especially website addresses with parameters, or "query strings" as they are officially known.

The most common and effective solution is to use a URL shortener. When you sign up for Endorsebot, you can create as many short urls as you need, any time you need them.

Short URLs

SMS & Email Marketing

Not only can you get more reviews from your customers, you can send them any type of marketing message you want by Text Message or Email. We call these messages Marketing Blasts.

If you want to announce to your customers that you have a sale going on, or a special offer, an event, you just posted a new article to your blog, have other news, or anything you can think of, you can use a Marketing blast to engage with your client base.

Endorsebot Review Feed